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Providing tools to make your financial processes more efficient

We have the tools, expertise, and experience to better gather and manage your financial information

Helping today's business navigate financial growth

We are uniquely poised to help you develop a strong financial strategy as well as outsource financial operations and projects

Customized accounting solutions for a sophisticated world

We can help you leverage technology to solve your unique business challenges and streamline your processes

Our experience ensures your business reaches new heights

With our guidance, your business solutions can provide a new level of financial transparency and process efficiency

Maximize Your Accounting Processes

with Michaud Accounting Solutions

Michaud Accounting Solutions has the skills, experience, and expertise to take any accounting process and transform it into an efficient and effective financial system that works for your organization.

Streamline Processes for Optimal Efficiency

Our approach allows us to expeditiously comprehend your organizational goals and understand how your goals can be achieved more efficiently through the reassessment and restructure of established accounting processes.

Choose a Partner that Has Both Accounting and Software Expertise

Our consulting model differs from those of other companies that primarily offer only accounting or software implementation services. We’re uniquely positioned to do both, adding value to your overall investment.

Sensible, Actionable Reporting

When Michaud Accounting Solutions is on your team, you will have a wealth of accounting and financial experience at your back that will ensure your systems and tools provide your organization’s stakeholders and decision makers with the information they need when they need it and in a format that makes sense.

Get the Most from Your Accounting Tools

We tell our clients that software is ultimately only a tool in the financial process, but it’s a valuable one. Our experience with Sage Intacct and other cloud based software tools allows us to match you with the right software and features that will save you time and money.

Let us make you successful

We’ve guided other organizations like yours in harnessing the potential of their resources to build powerful processes that meet their goals and needs.

We’d love to see what we can do for you.