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Discover powerful solutions to your accounting and financial management challenges with Michaud Accounting Solutions.

Michaud Accounting Solutions brings over 50 years of combined experience in both public and corporate accounting. Our experience is broad, and our specialty is creating solutions that meet the needs of multi-level and complex financial management systems. We have pioneered financial overhauls and implementation projects for a number of business and non-profit clients.

We start projects with the end in mind: what do you want to achieve with your processes and systems? Our in-depth knowledge of cloud accounting software and years of accounting and financial experience allow us to help you achieve those goals.  

We integrate into your team and become familiar with your organization, the day-to-day operations, and your financial requirements in order to streamline your reporting processes. Our expertise, skills, and knowledge allow us to approach your business from a holistic perspective that will help you get more from your processes than you ever have before.

Meet the Team:

Sir Louis Roederer (AKA Louie)

Sir Louis Roederer (AKA Louie)

Chief Morale Officer

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Just like the lighthouse was meant to guide and navigate maritime pilots safely and efficiently through sea and inland waterways, Michaud Accounting Solutions is uniquely poised to guide you through the operational changes and challenges of growing your business.