The Top 5 Things CPAs Should Know About Sage Intacct – As a tax or audit CPA, there are probably times when you wish your clients had better accounting tools serving their business.  QuickBooks is the first accounting software most businesses (and a lot of nonprofit organizations) implement.  And, it serves them well for many years.

But what happens when they outgrow QuickBooks?  What happens when the peaks and valleys of cash flow aren’t readily apparent? What happens when the business is managed by a dozen or more spreadsheets that are manually created and updated and therefore susceptible to errors?

It’s probably time for a new financial accounting solution.  And, more than likely, you will be the first person they ask for a recommendation.  In this article we share the Top 5 things we believe push Sage Intacct to the top of the recommendation list.

The Top 5 Things CPAs Should Know About Sage Intacct:

1 – AICPA endorsed Sage Intacct 

The first thing you should know is that Sage Intacct has been closely scrutinized by the accounting profession.  In fact, Sage Intacct in the first and only preferred financial management provider of the AICPA.  This allows you to recommend Sage Intacct with confidence.

2 – Feature rich – with greater satisfaction scores

Journal entries, financial statements, budgeting/forecast, reconciliations and more – Sage Intacct earned customer satisfaction ratings higher than other accounting solutions including NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics. (See a full breakdown of satisfactions scores.)

3 – Easy to Use

Does rich feature/functionality mean the solution is complex and hard to use?  On the contrary,  surveys consistently demonstrate that Sage Intacct is easy to use.  Customers rank Sage higher than competitors when it comes to product direction, ease of administration, ease of doing business, and more.  Close to 90 percent of our customers report that they are likely to recommend Sage Intacct.

4 – Fast ROI

Spending precious cash has to be done with a clear and realistic expectation of return on investment.  While every organization is different, Sage Intacct customers enjoy, on average, a return on investment of over 250%.  The average payback period is under six months.

5 – Powerful Dashboards

Sage Intacct dashboards are the envy of the industry.  Sage Intacct dashboards display all the critical financial metrics organizations track.  Integration with other applications (CRM, fundraising, etc.) allows Sage Intacct dashboards to display operational metrics in addition to financial data.  And, they’re customizable.  Create one dashboard for the CFO, another for the VP of Sales, another for the CEO.  Productivity increases when KPIs are kept front and center.

Michaud Accounting Solutions

Michaud Accounting Solutions sells, implements, and provides training and support of Sage Intacct financial accounting solution.  Michaud Accounting Solutions brings over 40 years of combined experience in both public and corporate accounting. Our experience is broad, and our specialty is creating solutions that meet the needs of multi-level and complex financial management systems. Our customers (and their auditors) love Sage Intacct.

Our leaders are CPAs and know how to work with other CPAs.  We have the same level of commitment to integrity and professionalism that you do.  We always welcome working with CPAs – feel free to call us.  And, if you have any customers looking to move to the cloud, we’d be happy to help.  You can submit their information here and we’ll follow up with you to schedule a consultation and demo.

The Top 5 Things CPAs Should Know About Sage Intacct