Cloud Accounting Software Support

Cloud Accounting Software Implementation Services

We are a team of Accountants, who understand your accounting and reporting needs.  In addition, we are a team that has significant experience with the implementation of modern cloud accounting solutions.  Therefore, we bring inherent value to our client’s, as we bridge the gap between your team and your solution providers implementation team. 

The benefits of hiring us for your implementation are:

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Implementors will usually ask their clients to assign a subject matter expert (SME) to the implementation team.  The challenge with this request is that your team most probably has limited experience with your new solution.  Therefore, it will be difficult for you to ensure that the design and configuration decisions that you make will ultimately provide the most effective accounting and reporting available within your solution.  Because we understand your accounting and reporting needs and we understand modern cloud accounting solutions, we can help you ensure that you are getting the most value out of your new system.

Chart of Accounts and Dimension design

Your chart of accounts and dimensional structure is the foundation for a successful implementation, as your ultimate goal is robust, effective, and efficient reporting.  As with building a house, if your foundation is faulty, the house will have significant issues.  Most implementors provide very little guidance when it comes to ensuring that you have developed the right structure for your organization.  They rely on you to provide your chart of accounts and dimensions.  At Michaud Accounting Solutions, we “begin with the end in mind” – Reporting.  Our robust knowledge of modern cloud accounting reporting functionality, gives us the tools to help you define your structure based on your reporting needs, ensuring that you begin the process with a strong foundation.



It has been our experience that most implementors do not provide training that is specific to the clients use of their modern cloud accounting solutions.  Instead, they often provide “general training” on the system, as you work through the process with them, and may offer web-based training, which is also general in nature.  At Michaud Accounting Solutions, we take a more intimate approach to training our clients. Our training is specifically tailored to the functionality that your team will use and how you will use that functionality.  We even offer to prepare a custom training manual and workbook to go along with your training, which provides a useful and helpful reference guide after training is completed.


Project Management

Experienced project managers, who have a proven track record of ensuring that our clients have a highly successful implementation.

Cloud Accounting Software Re-Implementations

Laptop computer with graphs on the screen

There are times when clients have not experienced a successful implementation.  There can be many reasons for this.  Regardless of the reason for the challenges that you have faced, Michaud Accounting Solutions can help resolve them, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your solution.  Your cloud accounting solutions might be among the best accounting solutions currently offered on the market, however it is merely a tool.  Successful implementation of the solution is integral to maximizing its functionality and features and your organizations satisfaction with the tool.

Cloud Accounting Support Contracts

Michaud Accounting Solutions offers support contracts to current cloud accounting solution clients.  We offer various terms, allowing our clients to select the plan that best works for them.   We offer the following services:


As your organization grows or you have changes in staff, you may find that there is a need to have another formal training session to help new employees meet their training needs.

Report Building:

We can assist with your additional financial or custom report building needs. 

Support Additional Implementation Needs:

As functionality of your software solution, or your organization’s needs change, you may decide that you want to implement new features. 

Accounting Support

Our seasoned accounting team can also assist with your accounting needs, such as reconciliations, onboarding of newly acquired or created companies, backfilling any staffing gaps, etc. 

Other Software implementations:

     Our seasoned team has experience assisting clients with the implementation and integration of other cloud solutions that have open API; whether accounting solutions or not.

Outsourced Accounting

During these challenging economic times, you may find that your organization needs to downsize or that you have had to freeze new hires. Or maybe your organization is lucky enough to be growing.  As we all know, it is times like these, when timely and accurate reporting is even more crucial.  You need to closely monitor your organization’s financial health, and make quick decisions to ensure that you can successfully navigate through these changing times, and position your organization for future success.  Our seasoned team of accountants can quickly acclimate to your organization to ensure continuity.  Whether you just need basic bookkeeping services, or higher-level Controller or CFO services we’ve got you covered.

We can offer any of the following services:

    Outsourced Finance team:

    We can provide all CFO, Controller, and accounting services needed to support your organization. 

    Interim Services:

    We can help backfill any gaps you have, as a result of either downsizing, new hire freeze, or temporary employee absences, or during an executive search, until your organization has successfully navigated through these difficult economic times.