Cloud Based Software Advisory

Michaud Accounting Solutions has been helping organizations with cloud-based system selection for the past 6 years.  We have worked with clients in various verticals to help them determine the best software to manage their internal business processes with integration to maximize efficiency, automate processes, save time, and maximize profitability.

Although most of our expertise has been in evaluating business processes to implement cloud-based accounting software, we have often been called upon to help evaluate other solutions that our clients want to integrate with their accounting software.

Todays business, whether for profit or not for profit, needs to be as lean and mean as possible to make sure that profitability and mission are at the forefront.  We’ve all been forced to do more with less, which means costly duplication of processes and efforts are no longer an option.

At Michaud Accounting Solutions we have the unique ability to integrate into your team, and your organization, to help determine the best products for you and remain agnostic. We begin with the end in mind in determining the information your organization needs from these systems, and then work backwards to find the right fit based on size, complexity, and budget.

Consider us as an addition to your project team, we would love to help.