At many organizations, the sales and finance departments co-exist, but they don’t exactly work in harmony. For instance, sales might bring in a new customer and feel their job is done, but then they hand it off to finance with the hope that all the nitty-gritty details will get handled.

The problem? The transition from sales prospect to customer can be a rocky one if sales and finance are not aligned. Errors sneak in, time is wasted, and you lose valuable opportunities to track the sales pipeline and purchasing process.

What alignment looks like

To bring sales and finance together, many organizations are turning to Sage Intacct, the best-in-class cloud financial management solution, which comes with a built-in, two-way integration with Salesforce CRM.

The alignment between Sage Intacct and Salesforce goes beyond basic connectivity. Yes, it connects sales and finance—but it does so in a unique, pre-built, point-and-click way that’s continuously maintained by Sage Intacct. This white paper from Sage Intacct and the AICPA provides details on how it works.

One of the great things about the Sage Intacct–Salesforce integration is that any user can be given access to real-time information, from price lists to product inventory. If your sales team needs to verify prices, no problem. Plus, they can see the timing and financial impact of upgrades, renewals, and more, all from within Salesforce.

Practical applications

The integration between Sage Intacct and Salesforce speeds and simplifies a number of common tasks, including:

  • Quote-to-cash: Convert Salesforce quotes into Sage Intacct orders with one click.
  • Revenue recognition: Recognize revenue at the right time and match it to the right expenses.
  • Data management: Create and manage items in Sage Intacct and they’ll automatically sync with Salesforce.

More benefits

The benefits of sales and finance alignment include reduced errors, time savings, and enhanced visibility. For instance, the Sage Intacct and Salesforce integration saves time by enabling one-click conversions of quotes and project creation.

You can also automatically generate renewal sales opportunities based on the original terms plus any desired price adjustments, and you can initiate finance processing automatically whenever an order is recorded in Salesforce.

Get started

Isn’t it time to leave behind the old days of spreadsheets, manual processes, and siloed sales and finance teams? Contact us for details on Sage Intacct and how we can help you not only align sales and finance but also streamline all your accounting processes for optimal efficiency.