Your relationship with accounting spreadsheets probably worked well … at first. You got to know one another, settled into your routines, developed a real partnership. But now some time has passed, and the bloom is off the rose.

Your organization is growing and your needs are changing. It’s not that you don’t like your spreadsheets anymore, but your eyes starting to wander. Is it time for an amicable divorce? And if so, is there an alternative that will make your work life better?

Signs that it’s time to leave spreadsheets behind

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time for your organization to divorce QuickBooks or other spreadsheet-based solutions:

  • Have you implemented inefficient workarounds to deal with the limitations of your current accounting solution?
  • If your organization keeps growing, will your accounting software struggle to keep pace?
  • Does your software solution integrate with all the other systems you want to use?
  • Is compliance a hassle because of limitations like not being able to separate out reimbursable charges?
  • Do you spend hours a month performing tedious data manipulations in Excel?

Benefits of making the leap

A nonprofit called Room to Read saw enormous benefits when they made the leap from a server-based general ledger system to Sage Intacct, the best-in-class cloud financial solution.

As explained in this case study, Room to Read was frustrated with the lack of granularity in their financials. They wanted better reporting capabilities, multi-entity, and multi-currency functions, and global support. The benefits of implementing Sage Intacct included:

  • A 25% productivity improvement in field operations—or about $300,000 annual savings in labor
  • A 30% productivity improvement for the global accounting and finance team
  • A trimmed-down chart of accounts, from 56,000 to just 100 accounts
  • Seamless connections with Salesforce, Nexonia, and other systems
  • Increased donor confidence with more specific and timely reporting

If your relationship with spreadsheets has gotten stale, it clearly makes sense to at least evaluate alternatives like Sage Intacct. The benefits to your organization could be significant.

Ready to move on?

The experts at Michaud Accounting Solutions can help you decide whether it really is time for an amicable divorce from your current accounting solution. If so, we’ll walk you through all the features of Sage Intacct to determine if it’s the right solution to help your organization grow.