When it comes to the administration of faith based organizations, these functions are continually asked to “do more with less.” And, very often, the accounting function is the very last to get optimal staffing and budget.

How many of the following challenges apply to your faith-based organization?

  • Limited budget
  • Overwhelming amount of paper documents to store, track and reference
  • Limited and delayed reporting
  • Multiple entity and multiple location requirements
  • Over-reliance on manual processes and data entry
  • Limited IT skills to maintain financial systems and software updates
  • Lack of internal controls and approvals

If your organization has more than three of these challenges, we don’t have to tell you how painful and problematic that is.

Technology is finally delivering for faith based organizations. Cloud technology delivery of applications like Sage Intacct can eliminate all of the challenges listed. Cloud deployment is budget-friendly and easy to use. This is great news for Church Administrators or Finance Directors who rely on part time or volunteer staff who may not be trained in accounting.

If you’re curious about how Sage Intacct helps faith based organizations, take a peek at this on-demand presentation, ‘Leveraging Cloud Technology for Quick and Easy Financial Reporting for Churches.’

At Michaud Accounting Solutions we’ve helped all kinds and sizes of faith based organizations, from small, growing faith communities up to and including diocesan organizations with worldwide ministries.

We’ve helped implement and seen how these organization benefit from cloud financial systems by providing:

  • Easy to configure reports that are available 24X7
  • Dashboards for all stakeholders to easily reference, understand and act upon
  • Robust capabilities including management of multiple entities
  • Automation of accounting and financial tasks
  • Sophisticated permission and approval capability
  • Better total cost of ownership with predictable cost
  • No need for IT staff

It’s exciting to see accounting functions so long burdened by manual processes and antiquated systems flourish with easy-to-use, affordable, cloud-based Sage Intacct. We love seeing the impact within organizations that are doing so much important work in our world.

How about your faith community? At the very least, take advantage of the on-demand presentation ‘Leveraging Cloud Technology for Quick and Easy Financial Reporting for Churches.’ But beyond that, we invite you to a free 30 minute consultation. We will not try to shoe-horn you into a solution that is not right for you. We will share our assessment of how cloud technology just might be the solution for you. Never hesitate to give us a call.