Imagine spending endless summer days on the beach with your feet up, sipping cool drinks in the sunshine. If only, right? For CFOs, controllers, and other accounting professionals, the idea of “getting away from it all” can seem impossible in summer—as well as in spring, fall, and winter.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By moving to a leading cloud financial management solution like Sage Intacct, you really can escape the office without worrying that the business will suffer. Cloud ERP solutions provide anytime, anywhere access, so as long as you have a smartphone with cellular service, you can check in and address any issues that come up. Right from your hammock.

The automated features of cloud solutions streamline routine business processes, so there’s less for you to worry about year-round. And you can perform routine functions, like issuing approvals, in seconds, from wherever you are.

As detailed in this report, 81% of CFOs recognize that they need their finance function to become more data-driven, and 77% believe that a best-in-class, cloud-based financial management solution would make their job easier.

It’s not just that cloud solutions provide anytime, anywhere access—it’s also that you can connect to a real-time dashboard and view key metrics at a glance. Need to conduct a new analysis? You can do so without exporting data to spreadsheets. Need to create a new report? You can quickly access data that’s automatically aggregated across multiple systems.

The many benefits of cloud-based financial management solutions make them an option worth exploring, especially for organizations that are outgrowing entry-level accounting solutions. And for financial professionals who are looking for ways to reduce their workloads and stress levels—in summer and all year long.

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