What are the 3 biggest mistakes finance makes in training their employees on their cloud accounting software?

Tell me if this sounds familiar? “Bob, you are going to spend a few days with Jane who is going to train you on our cloud accounting software.” Among the many mistakes organizations make in training when it comes to their cloud accounting software, this one is probably the most common, read on to understand the other mistakes, and why.

Mistake #1, training internally

While it may be tempting, as in the scenario above, to just have one of your seasoned employees train your new employee this can be problematic for many reasons. First, the employee doing the training may have been trained improperly themselves. They also may have developed some bad habits or inefficient workarounds. Secondly, the initial training may have been very basic, therefore the “trainer” doesn’t know how to use the system to it’s full potential. Third, they may have a heavy workload and can’t dedicate the time and attention needed to train efficiently and rapidly, leaving the new employee to “learn on their own”.

Mistake #2, using the implementer for additional training

If the organization that provided the initial implementation does training, this might seem the most efficient route to go but consider the following:

  • Is this the most economical route, often rates vary wildly in the marketplace
  • Do they offer customized training based on the way YOUR organization uses the software or is it only generalized training
  • Do they offer a custom training manual
  • Was the initial experience with this organization a good one

Certainly this can be an option, but explore other options before settling on this one. There may be better options available. Which leads me to the final mistake.

Mistake #3, Not considering other options

There are organizations that specialize in training on your specific solution, do a google search and see who might be able to offer these services.  Even organizations that didn’t implement your solution can assimilate quickly into your organization, understand your needs and how you use the solution, and provide comprehensive training to not only your staff, but you as the finance manager. You might want help with report building, or understanding the full capabilities of the solution and as the highest member of the finance staff, there might not be anyone adequate to help internally.

The reality is that when using a cloud accounting solution, whether new, or long established in your organization, there is often a need for new staff training, additional training, or advanced training. It makes sense to fully explore your options before deciding which avenue to take.

At Michaud Accounting Solutions, we take an intimate approach to training our clients. Our cloud accounting software training is specifically tailored to the functionality that your team uses.  We even offer to prepare a custom training manual and workbook to go along with your training, which provides a useful and helpful reference guide after training is completed. We’ve conducted simultaneous classes in person and remotely, and trained hundred of users on Sage Intacct. We’d love to help.