What does outsourced accounting look like in a modern remote organization?

Years ago if a business decided to outsource accounting it usually meant someone coming into the office weekly or monthly to “do the books”.  Rarely was this person a remote worker, and it was the perception that if they weren’t seen doing the work, we couldn’t trust it was being done correctly. What if they have questions? But I need to give them all my receipts and invoices? Sound familiar?

In todays remote work environments you or your employees may not always be in the office, let alone your outsourced accounting service provider, and that can work out very efficiently with the right systems in place.

Organizations using outdated non-cloud based systems such as Quickbooks desktop edition, will have a hard time without someone working in the office to manage the books, however with all of the new modern cloud based options that exist in the marketplace, this concept is not only simple, it’s preferred. Most of today’s outsourced accounting service providers expect to be able to manage your information remotely. It plays into the affordability of their services, as well, to be able to work from home or a remote office location, and manage your accounting.

There are many solutions for managing expenses today. This means that the pile of ragged receipts that used to be handed to the accounting department at the end of the month, are a thing of the past. With OCR technology, software such as Certify, Expensify, Tallie and the like, are excellent ways for organizations to manage expenses and receipts efficiently, and make the expense process simple for their employees, no matter where they are located. These solutions are also easily integrated with modern cloud accounting systems so that the information lands in your accounting system without manual intervention.

In addition, most modern cloud based software products offer AP automation capabilities so that bills can be paid from anywhere, and invoices can be managed electronically instead of the elaborate and cumbersome file cabinet system of the past.

In today’s world of focusing on our core competencies, and outsourcing functions that aren’t required to be done in-house, outsourced accounting services are becoming more popular and accepted by businesses large and small. Having a modern cloud accounting system means that taking advantage of these services will be much more affordable and efficient for your organization, whether you are working remote or in-office.

Michaud Accounting Solutions specializes in Outsourced Accounting Services using modern cloud based solutions.  With a team of CPA’s with extensive accounting experience as well as a combined 9 years of experience with cloud accounting solutions, you are in good hands.  We’d love to help.