Why faith based nonprofits should consider moving to the cloud for financials – Budgets are lean at faith-based nonprofits. There are many worthy programs and ministries that would welcome an increase in their budget.

As a result, faith based accounting departments go without. They maintain a constant state of lean staffing. They make due with tools that are subpar and often decades old. Yet, the demands for additional complex, more frequent reporting is on the rise.

Multiple locations, multiple ministries, multiple headaches

If you’re trying to manage modern ministries with antiquated accounting software, let’s face it, it’s going to be tough. Likewise, if you are trying to manage a vibrant, expanding multi-campus organization on QuickBooks, we don’t have to describe the reporting pain the you are experiencing. You’re living it every day.

Perhaps the worst aspect of slogging into another fiscal year having outgrown QuickBooks or with antiquated legacy software? The ultimate level of stewardship excellence simply can’t be met.

The benefits of cloud-based Sage Intacct for faith based organizations

Whether you are a church administrator of a mega church or a the finance director of a synod or diocesan organizations, you will be joining hundreds of faith-based accounting executives who have made the move to Sage Intacct. They’ve enjoyed transformative benefits such as:

Any time, anywhere access via browser and the Internet – regardless of device (PC or Mac, mobile, laptop or desktop), as long as you or your team have access to the Internet and assigned login credentials, you can access your financial information. Mission organizations have reported how beneficial this has been in managing and consolidating overseas missions.

Multi-currency, multi-location – Any faith-based organization with programs and offices around the globe will love how easy Sage Intacct makes decentralized payables, inter-entity transactions, multiple currency conversions, and global consolidations.

Ability to easily manage and track grants, endowments, and donations – chances are you are managing multiple types of funds. Sage Intacct gives you real-time visibility whether you’re renewing grants, managing reports or invoicing funders.

Real-time visibility for optimal stewardship – Transparency and visibility are not just best practices. Stakeholders, the executive management team, boards, the congregation, constituents and the community expect transparency and visibility. Spreadsheets and antiquated software can’t deliver the real-time reporting needed for optimal stewardship; Sage Intacct can – and you’ll love the custom dashboards we can design for you and your team.

Modernizing may not be as disruptive and expensive as you might image

One CFO reported, “With Sage Intacct, we know that we have accurate, real-time data to support all kinds of funding, and we can manage greater complexity with the same finance team headcount.”

We’ll help you calculate realistic expectations for return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO). It’s important to remember that since your modern accounting solutions is deployed via the cloud, there is no hidden and hefty IT costs that accompany your move to Sage Intacct.

Give us a call, we’d love to help you modernize, save money, and enjoy new levels of insight thanks to cloud-based financial accounting.

In the meantime, watch ‘Automation, Visibility, & Connectivity: Faith Based Ministries Leveraging Technology for Growth’ the on-demand account of how Church Administrator Glenn Wood at Seacoast Church has used Sage Intacct. We hope you find it valuable.