So you have implemented a new cloud accounting software for your organization, and you are off and running on a new modern cloud product that will change your finance organization. Congratulations! Now why would you need a support contract?

The reality is this new tool has so many capabilities that you may need additional help in certain areas post-implementation, and your implementer may or may not offer those services.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to pursue a cloud accounting solution support contract:

  • Your team may need additional deep-dive training on how to build reports, or how to manage certain functions within the software that were not covered in your initial basic training
  • You may not have time to build reports yourself and may want an outside expert to help you do so when needed
  • As the needs of your organization change, you may decide you want to implement new features. Your initial implementer may be able to help with certain aspects and not others. This may also create a need for new reporting or configurations.
  • Over time you may decide to import additional information and might need help with this process
  • You may need outsourced accounting support for your organization within your new solution
  • You may add or change staff over time and your new staff might need training and support on your solution

Cloud Accounting Software is merely a tool to help you streamline your finance organization and become more efficient, and you may find that you need additional help with that process over time. Entering into a support contract with an organization that specializes in cloud accounting software support might be an excellent option for your organization. Depending on who you work with, you also might qualify for a discount in hourly rate based on the amount of prepaid hours you purchase, which could be an excellent cost savings for your organization as well.

Michaud Accounting Solutions offers support contracts to users of many solutions including Sage Intacct, QBO, and others. With years of experience in all industries implementing and supporting many different cloud based solutions, our team has the right skill set to make sure your organization receives the support it needs to succeed with your new modern tool. Reach out us to find out more about these services and the rates we charge.