Why should I hire an outside Project Manager for my cloud accounting software implementation?

You’re about to implement a new cloud accounting software product, or you have already started the process, you have your internal team in place, and the implementation team that is either directly from the vendor, or from a reseller. Why should you consider hiring an outside Project Manager for your implementation?

Here are a few reasons below that you might consider it:

  • Your internal team is small and does not have experience with implementing new software. This process is all new to your internal accounting team, and while your team is probably well experienced in accounting, and the business you are in, and how to manage the information you need, they often have never been a part of an implementation. Having an outside Project Manager that acts as a part of your team, means you have an internal advocate that has become familiar with your systems, processes, and can work with the implementation team to be sure your system is being configured for maximum success.
  • Your processes need some internal modification before they are moved into a new system. Taking inefficient processes and simply moving them to a new system means the same inefficiencies move with you. That’s not a productive use of your new modern tool. Your chart of accounts may need to be reworked and endless excel spreadsheets will likely be replaced with more efficient reporting within your new system. Also just like cleaning out your junk before a move to a new house, this is a great time to clean up your systems and processes. A Project Manager with a strong accounting background can help you “clean house” before the implementation team even begins moving your information and setting up your new system.
  • You have a built in advocate for your organization and its’ processes. In a perfect world you should be able to rely on the implementation team from your software provider to understand the best way to configure the product for your organization. This is not always the case. The Project Manager however, is ideally an expert on the software product you are purchasing and can strongly advocate for your organization and make sure it is configured correctly the first time. Re-implementations are not fun, they are costly, and frustrating, but they happen when things aren’t done right the first time. A small upfront investment in additional internal help can insure success the first time.

You may not have considered hiring an Project Manager to assist your team with implementation, but there are compelling reasons to do so. A search for organizations that specialize in this service for the particular software product you are implementing, should yield some options you can consider.

Michaud Accounting Solutions specializes in Project Management for Sage Intacct cloud accounting software. With a team of CPA’s with extensive accounting experience as well as a combined 9 years of experience with Sage Intacct, you are in good hands. We can provide excellent references as to this particular service for clients we have provided it to. We’d love to help.