Help, we need additional training on our cloud accounting solution!

Maybe this situation pertains to you and your organization. You’ve had some staff turnover, or you’ve added new staff in the finance/accounting area and they need training on your cloud accounting solution. Or maybe you are new to your position, and you are in management and aren’t familiar with the cloud accounting solution at your new organization? 

There’s help available! Below are a few thoughts on where you might find it:

Your first thought might be to train internally with the staff that is already in the organization. However, people’s schedules might be full, or maybe you are relying on staff members that don’t know the full capability of the system, or who have formed bad habits or inefficient workarounds, to train others.  Often, people aren’t fully using the system, or have developed ways of doing things that don’t fully utilize the power and functionality of the current system. And finally, your implementer may have only offered “general training” so staff isn’t aware of the full potential of your system yet. 

Your second thought might be to reach out to the organization that sold and implemented the system for additional training. If the organization offers such services, then this would be ideal assuming it is affordable, and they have a organized training program that will apply to the way YOUR organization uses the software. Do they offer a training manual, tailored to your organization?  This is a great question to ask if one was not already provided when the solution was implemented. Also can you afford to use them for additional training?  Rates vary wildly in the marketplace, so this may be a factor in whether or not you use them to train additional staff. 

Your third thought might be, “I wonder who else might offer training on my solution?”  The reality is there are organizations that specialize in working with specific solutions and training staff to use them.  Seek them out, see what they offer, and compare pricing.  Often, organizations that haven’t implemented your solution, can assimilate quickly into your organization, understand your needs and how you use the solution, and provide very thorough training. Even at a management level, you might want help with report building, or understand the full capability of the solution, and there isn’t anyone on staff that can help. There are organizations out there that can

The reality is that when using a cloud accounting solution, whether new, or long established there is often a need for new staff training, additional training, or advanced training. It makes sense to fully explore your options before deciding which avenue to take. 

At Michaud Accounting Solutions, we take an intimate approach to training our clients. Our cloud accounting software training is specifically tailored to the functionality that your team uses.  We even offer to prepare a custom training manual and workbook to go along with your training, which provides a useful and helpful reference guide after training is completed. We’ve conducted simultaneous classes in person and remotely, and trained hundred of users on Sage Intacct. We’d love to help.