Working from home is a hot topic right now because of the novel coronavirus, but the demand for mobile business solutions has been rising for years. Finance and accounting may still be seen as largely in-office responsibilities, but that’s changing fast—and for reasons that go well beyond today’s concerns about the pandemic.

Growing demands for mobility

One trend driving the increase in mobile accounting options is the increasing mobility of today’s workforce. Younger workers are especially comfortable with flexible working options, whether that means working from home or while they’re traveling to meetings. Indeed, many workers expect and even demand mobile options from prospective employers.

In addition to attracting top talent, offering mobile access makes it possible for organizations to increase productivity and keep up with the competition. Businesses can’t afford to slow down when natural disasters or other unexpected occurrences—like the coronavirus—happen. Giving finance and accounting workers 24/7 access to their tasks, from wherever they are, helps prevent damaging business disruptions.

Better security than ever before

If you’re going to have multiple workers accessing key financial data from various locations, the data and the connections must be extremely safe and secure. And it’s precisely this—the increasing security and privacy protections available with leading cloud-based financial management solutions—that is driving many organizations to adopt them.

For instance, Sage Intacct, the best-in-class cloud financial solution, has built robust security measures directly into the application and the platform. These measures include highly granular control over user access, full daily backups to multiple locations, hardened networks and firewalls, and much more—all designed to prevent unauthorized access that could jeopardize the integrity of your data.

More benefits of cloud-based financial management

There are many more reasons why businesses and nonprofits are increasingly moving to cloud-based financial management solutions. Among the additional benefits of mobility on Sage Intacct are:

  • You can spend less on costly on-premises investments.
  • The software is easy to use on any type of device: computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • The built-in security and encryption protections mean you don’t have to add VPN software or expensive security hardware and IT support.
  • Easy integration with APIs means workers gain anytime, anywhere access to a single version of the truth that’s available in real time.
  • You can scale as needed with no need for additional capital investments as you grow.

Ready to get started?

The experts at Michaud Accounting Solutions can help you decide whether it makes sense for your company to move to a cloud-based financial management system. Let us walk you through the features of Sage Intacct to determine if it’s the right solution to help your organization grow.